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A Day of Avril - Brassica April Fools Short Story


April Fools has been a few days ago, but this year we didn't plan a prank. Instead, we wanted to write another short story that ties into Brassica.

As these things tend to go with us, we underestimated how long writing it would take, so we've only just finished it this weekend. Primarily because it ended up being about four times as long as our Valentine's Short Story from 2019...

In any case, without further ado, here is "A Day of Avril," a short story focusing on a younger Prince Hans and a mischievous princess named Avril...

//TODO: today - The Novel

We are happy to announce our next big endeavor: //TODO: today The Novel!

When we thought about what the next logical step for this franchise was, it became clear very quickly: "Long winded dialogue, more words than actions, why isn't this a novel already?"
So now, we are taking this next step and strip all the visuals from our visual novel!

The story stays its exciting old self but because we couldn't decide which version of it should be the canon version of the book, we came to the conclusion...