About Us

Who We Are

Boys Laugh + was founded in the summer of 2018 by Felix and Rohan. The name is an incredibly clever pun on 'boys love' or 'BL', a genre of Japanese media featuring romance, often between handsome young men, targeting a female audience. Although not exactly part of the female audience, Felix and Rohan appreciate good queer stories written with empathy. This was also the topic for their first discussions about narrative games and depictions of romance and sexuality.

With due respect to the original genre, they discovered that it could benefit from an upgrade. This is what the '+' stands for. As BL+ Felix and Rohan want to create interactive experiences which address diverse audiences as well as presents them. Luckily, the range of skills, each one has, complements the team perfectly for this ambitious objective.

Felix (eZombo)

Starting out with Graphics Design in 2010 Felix switched over to being a 3D Artist a few years later.
Of course with this kind of background writing narrative games was a no-brainer!

When they're not busy starting yet another project that might never see the light of day Felix is probably occupied with one of their latest obsessions. Like modular synths!

Sometimes they also make music under the moniker eerron

Felix is now the writer, programmer, and general generalist of Boys Laugh +


Rohan (Pectin)

One gloomy winter evening 2016 a media student and artist decided that he
needed a place to express his inner kawaii upon which PECTIN was born. ・゚✧

Pectin combines Rohan's interest for cute character designs, pretty colour palettes and fashion. He does the majority of 2D art for Boys Laugh +.

When Rohan is not channeling Pectin he's out and about talking himself into embarassing situations, working part-time, looking for cute characters in games, and sometimes even does concept art for other projects.