//TODO: today - The Novel

We are happy to announce our next big endeavor: //TODO: today The Novel!

When we thought about what the next logical step for this franchise was, it became clear very quickly: "Long winded dialogue, more words than actions, why isn't this a novel already?"
So now, we are taking this next step and strip all the visuals from our visual novel!

The story stays its exciting old self but because we couldn't decide which version of it should be the canon version of the book, we came to the conclusion:

All of them!

All Teals are canon, all Joyces are canon, and all Phoenixes are canon! The competition, the bookstore, it happens all at the same time.
In fact, all variations of the storyline happen all at once!

It was a huge narrative challenge but as the only one of its kind, the novel adaption of //TODO: today took it on.

609 pages. Nearly 200k words.
It will be the longest and most exciting month of March you have ever read about.

And for everyone who's too busy to actually read the book, we have something for you too!
The novel will be accompanied by a CD with the whole greatness of the story turned into an audio book of cinematic quality.
But because regular voice actors would be unable to fully portray all the subtleties and nuances of an Artificial Intelligence, the characters will be completely voiced using vocal synthesizers! Our AI Joyce will sound especially authentic.

If this is not enough to spur your imagination, we are also planning a movie adaptation of the audio book. But! The movie will be completely silent so you can comfortably enjoy the CD and the movie at the same time while holding your copy of the book.

This is truly the ultimate way to experience //TODO: today, stimulating nearly all senses like no other book can.

In fact, you could call it an audio-visual book experience like no other!


Writer/Narrative Designer/Programmer at Boys Laugh +

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