Brassica Version 0.7.2 Release


Today we released a patch for Brassica - A Marry Tale that fixes a bug that was brought to our attention last week.

As outlined in our post about it, the bug redirected certain save files to the beginning of Act 2 and not to the point where they were originally saved.
With this new version of the game, that bug can no longer happen and we also updated the end of every Act so saving is a bit more streamlined and it's clearer when you've reached the end of the currently available content!

That said, we were unfortunately not able to retroactively fix the broken saves.

If your save file was affected by the bug, it still won't take you to the correct moment in the game (although it will now take you to the end of Act 1 instead of the beginning of Act 2). Unless you have an alternative save that works, your only options are to start over and skip to the point where you left off or load the broken save and continue from the end of Act 1.

Save files from version 0.7.1 that aren't affected by the bug, should work normally although they might take you to the beginning of a scene rather than the exact line where you saved.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this!

Other than that, this patch also adds some content that was originally meant for a future update, namely alternative poses for the characters! We are still working on implementing them in the entire first two Acts, but for now you can get a glimpse of them in the very first scene! (and whenever Hans uses magic~)

As always, for the full list of changes you can take a look at our changelog.

Right now we are still busy finishing up EGOLOGIC and we'll be back with news on that in the near future. Once EGOLOGIC is done, we will also return our full attention back to Brassica Act 3!
As for when this is going to happen, it's still too early for exact estimates, but we are aiming to finish Act 3 in late summer or fall. Thanks for your patience!

PECTIN + eZombo

The core team of BL+

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