//TODO: today

A visual novel about figuring out life with the help of an AI

//TODO: today is a slice-of-life visual novel with dating sim elements.


College dropout and aspiring artist Teal only wanted to live life without major complications.

But one way or another they found themselves unable to pay rent, right after the month started...
On top of that an almost tailor-made AI suddenly appears inside their computer, claiming they'll tend to Teal's every need.
And with a new co-worker who seems to be everything Teal aspired to be, the chaos is complete.

Can Teal untangle the mess that their life has become, all while making enough money to not be evicted?



The Protagonist, an aspiring artist who isn't always as productive as they'd like to be...

Variable Gender: Female/Male/Non-Binary!


The cheerful AI companion, whose only wish is to make Teal happy.
Even if they can be a bit pushy at times, Joyce only wants your best!


The stoic co-worker with a professional facade that can be hard to read.
They're ambitious and focused, although they can be socially aloof sometimes...

And more!


  • Variable pronouns and romantic preferences
  • A nameable protagonist (in case you don't like the default~)
  • Two romance options
  • Three endings, with multiple variations each
  • A mood system
  • And lot's of choices along the way!

//TODO: today is available DRM free on itch.io, and also on Steam and Kartridge