Teach Me Onegai!~

A short Yaoi Visual Novel

Teach Me Onegai!~ is a comedic yaoi visual novel made in roughly a week for Yaoi Jam 2017.


It's graduation day and Semel Brösel has to say goodbye to the crush he harbored for three whole years: his computer science teacher Luke Onegai.

Or doesn't he?
Could he finally get himself to confess his feelings?

Either way, this evening will be something to remember.
For both of them...

Teach Me Onegai!~ Features nudity and explicit sexual content but has settings to censor them.


  • One story, two perspectives!
  • Choose whose version of the story you want to experience~
  • Multiple endings (2 joke endings, 2 bad endings, 1 good ending)
  • Censored and uncensored graphics as well as an additional PG-13 route
  • Lots of CGs with several variations

Teach Me Onegai!~ is available DRM free on itch.io