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//TODO: today - Version 2.1 Release

Hi! Today we are happy to announce the release of an update for //TODO: today that's been in the works for quite some time now!

Most prominently it expands the romantic preferences so Joyce and Phoenix can be nonbinary, along with tweaks to the dialogue to make all the variable lines work with they/them pronouns...

//TODO: today Special Edition Zine Release

Hi there!

It took us a little longer than initially announced but last night we finally released the Special Edition Zine for //TODO: today!

What we originally envisioned as a 20-page booklet ultimately grew to almost four times that size and with 79 pages not only collects all artworks from the game but has a bunch of extra content, most of which hasn't been released anywhere before...

//TODO: today - Version 2.0 Release!


After working on it for quite a while, we have finally released version 2.0 of //TODO: today!
As we announced last week, this update adds a bunch of new content and updates to existing scenes but in this post we'll tell you more about what exactly changed...

Brassica - Act 2 Release


As you probably noticed, we ran into a bit of a delay again but we're happy to announce that the full Act 2 of Brassica is now released!

The most significant change in this update is the addition of a whole new part of the story with several branches and lots of opportunities to get to know the princes better~

Among minor changes are the fix of an issue where sprites were distorted while skipping through the game. However this is currently only fixed for Act 1 we'll release another update in the coming days where we'll also fix this for Act 2 but because we were already under time pressure, we prioritized getting the actual content done and didn't want to delay the release much more.

On top of that update, we'll also add some more music for more variety during travel scenes, which should also happen some time between now and the release of Act 3 (but probably in the nearer future).

There are also a few more CGs planned for Act 2 that we will add in a coming update but until then we hope just the sprite animations and the text will be enough for you to enjoy the story...

Defaction Prologue Version 1.1 Release Notes

Hi, hello! We're starting the new year with a surprise update of the Defaction demo!

We've been so focused on finishing //TODO: today and then jumping right into Brassica development that we never really got a chance to revise the Defaction demo after we released it last summer. So we got to that now!

There aren't any drastic changes but many small ones...