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//TODO: today - Bestest Cupcake Poll Results Part #3


It's been a while since the announcement of the second place winner, but we are finally ready to reveal who took the top spot of the Bestest Cupcake Poll!

While the ranking was still very close during the first few days of the poll, eventually someone developed quite a bit of a lead and only increased it towards the end. We won't keep it any longer from you, so without drawing it out any further:

With a total of 17 votes the first place winner is...

//TODO: today - Bestest Cupcake Poll Results Part #2

Hi there!

We're back with the next part of the Bestest Cupcake Poll results, today with the second place winner.
As we mentioned last time, there was only a one vote difference between third and second place but that's still one more vote they got!
While we watched the results unfold over the voting period, they were actually neck and neck with Snow fighting for first place! Before someone else gained traction and pushed them down to second and third place respectively...

But anyway, with 12 votes, //TODO: today's second bestest cupcake is...

//TODO: today - Bestest Cupcake Poll Results Part #1

Hey, hey!
It's been some time since the //TODO: today Bestest Cupcake Poll ended, but we're finally ready to announce the results!

To make things a little more exciting, we decided to split up the announcement into three parts and today we'll start with the third place.
It was a pretty close race and even with 77 total votes, a single vote could have made the difference between who's third and who's second.

It was so close that we actually have two third place winners! The two of them are even acquainted and probably don't mind sharing this title. But without further ado, with 11 votes each the Third Bestest Cupcakes are...

Devlog #33 - Brassica Status Update, Mirrorboy, and some //TODO

Hi there! It's been a bit over two months since our last devlog so we're back for another status update!

As we already announced previously after the release of //TODO: today, our team went on to work on separate projects for now.
PECTIN dove right into development of his new game Mirrorboy while eZombo took a bit of a vacation before returning to work on Brassica while helping to host the Bara Jam and making the music for one of its projects...

Devlog #32 - After the //TODO: today Release and the Near Future

Hello! It's us again!

It's been just about 48 hours since we released the full version of //TODO: today and we are honestly blown away by the positive response!
Since the update, it's been downloaded over 600 times and actually managed to stay at the top spot of the most popular visual novels on itch.io for most of that time! We really didn't expect this and are super grateful to all of you.

Thank you so much for playing, for commenting, and for being so supportive! We really appreciate it!

This devlog actually won't go into much detail about "development" this time but we figured now that //TODO: today is released, we should talk a little about our plans for the future.

First off, we are working on a small update for //TODO that fixes some typos and bugs. We'll release that later this week, but there won't be any major content changes...