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Devlog #3 - Facial Sprites & Character Customization

Today's devlog is a joint effort between PECTIN and me (eZombo) but without further ado, let's start~

HI! Here's PECTIN! (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

I will tell you about my approach on creating facial sprites for //TODO:today and Teach Me Onegai!~. To be honest, this won't be anything ground-breaking but I came to learn some useful stuff during my work. I just hope there will be some helpful piece of information you can take from this...

Devlog #2 - Branching, Customization, and... Y-yaoi?!

Hey there, we're back with another devlog about a bunch of different topics (and probably a little surprise~)

But first things first!
Branching is a fairly central aspect of visual novels and there are various ways to go about it...