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Defaction Demo Release (It's finally here!)

Some of you might've noticed that the Defaction demo didn't launch on the 29th June as we've stated before. And we're really sorry about it! ( T^T)/

We've tweeted about it on the 29th and yesterday. The main reason for the delay were issues with bugs that appeared right when everything was coming together on the Friday night of the release. We could've fixed the bugs after the release and patched the game at a later date but a few prevented the player from making progress - they were game breaking. So we thought it wiser to hold off the release until things got solved. Felix worked hard to make the demo work as intended and Rohan had the time to edit some flaws out of the art assets. Things are definitely better now and we thank you for your patience! ヾ(○・3・)ノ

So here it is! Enjoy a first taste of Defaction! ✧・゚

You can download the demo on itch.io

//TODO: today Version 0.9.2 Release Notes

Today we released a new version of //TODO: today with some smaller changes and new features.

The previous version 0.9.1 mainly featured minor bug fixes, so we didn't post release notes but this version adds some more functionality to the character creation process...

//TODO: today Version 0.9 Release Notes

Today is finally the day we released Version 0.9 of //TODO: today.
This basically means that the first half of the game is now completely final!

This update has been in the works since April and we meant to release it much sooner but even if it took a while, we're glad it's finally out.

In case you're wondering what changed, here's the list from our change-log...