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EGOLOGIC Version 1.1 Release


Today we released a small update for EGOLOGIC with new music and some additional polish. Namely a splash screen with our new (and previously unreleased) logo, and credits. We also edited parts of the script a little more, changed a few expressions here and there to fit the text better, but other than that there were no content changes.

The new music was added to moments that were previously silent, so the atmosphere in these scenes should be a lot better now!

As always, you can find the full list of changes in our changelog.

We will keep releasing updates to add some extra polish to the game that we didn't have time for before its initial release, but as the game itself is complete, our main focus will shift back to Brassica starting this month. But we'll tell you more about all of that in our upcoming devlog!

Thanks for your interest in our games, and we hope you'll enjoy this update!


EGOLOGIC has now emerged from the darkness!

We apologize for the delay and to anyone who waited for the game. At the same time we're really grateful for the support and patience you have shown us! Thank you! <3

The project definitely enjoyed a good upgrade in the last month compared to what we've initially imagined it would be. EGOLOGIC was a dive into the unknown! Looking at our history as Boys Laugh + we were curious to create a project with an overall dark theme. Simply because we've never done it before. And we wanted it to be short. But you know how that turns out most of the time...EGOLOGIC expanded into something different, questioning and even eerie unlike its sibling projects //TODO: today or Brassica.

Without spoiling what exactly this new story is, a short introduction: A young adult, Tâm, moves into an apartment building located in the middle of the forest. Soon after meeting two of his new neighbours, he gets entangled in a mess he could never have imagined. It's up to you and your choices to shine a light on what is transpiring in this forest!

As we've announced before, there'll be a release sale to the 13th of October. The game will be available for a 13% discount until then.
You can get this narrative game on itch.io. (σ・з・)σ

A final note: Small updates adding and polishing bits of script, visuals and sound will come out over the next few weeks. It's unlikely save files will be affected by this.

Felix and Rohan

Brassica Version 0.7.3 Release


Today we released a new version of Brassica that brings a few changes to the first two Acts.

Two weeks ago we first received a comment criticizing that parts of the story and the way Ode's character is presented reinforce harmful stereotypes of people of color. Because these kinds of negative representations are something we don't want to support or include in our games, we decided to rewrite large parts of the introduction scene and a few smaller sections that follow later in the story to better represent what Ode's character was intended to be like and to not reinforce harmful tropes...

Brassica Version 0.7.2 Release


Today we released a patch for Brassica - A Marry Tale that fixes a bug that was brought to our attention last week.

As outlined in our post about it, the bug redirected certain save files to the beginning of Act 2 and not to the point where they were originally saved.
With this new version of the game, that bug can no longer happen and we also updated the end of every Act so saving is a bit more streamlined and it's clearer when you've reached the end of the currently available content!

That said, we were unfortunately not able to retroactively fix the broken saves.

If your save file was affected by the bug, it still won't take you to the correct moment in the game (although it will now take you to the end of Act 1 instead of the beginning of Act 2). Unless you have an alternative save that works, your only options are to start over and skip to the point where you left off or load the broken save and continue from the end of Act 1.

Save files from version 0.7.1 that aren't affected by the bug, should work normally although they might take you to the beginning of a scene rather than the exact line where you saved...

//TODO: today - Version 2.1 Release

Hi! Today we are happy to announce the release of an update for //TODO: today that's been in the works for quite some time now!

Most prominently it expands the romantic preferences so Joyce and Phoenix can be nonbinary, along with tweaks to the dialogue to make all the variable lines work with they/them pronouns...