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Devlog #44 - Soundtrack Development: Themes Pt. 1


After the post about the functional planning of the music in //TODO: today two weeks ago, today's devlog will go into more detail on how all the tracks are connected stylistically and musically. In other words, it's all about themes...

Devlog #4 - Music Workflow & Breakdown

Hey there, in this week's devlog I will talk about my workflow for making music for //TODO: today and also show a breakdown of one of the tracks that are already in the game, as well as a little sneak peek of some new music!

I already started thinking about the style of the soundtrack while the story was still being planned. Early on there were a few aspects that would definitely carry over into the final game: there was going to be an AI, it should be fairly light-hearted, and also down to earth.

So what I thought of for the music was that it should be relatively simple in both composition and timbre and have a prominently digital sound without feeling cold...