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Devlog #27 - Kawaii Festival, Newsletter, and more!

Hi there!

We've been pretty busy with preparations for the Kawaii Festival recently so this devlog will mostly focus on that, but there's some other news as well so let's get started!

In preparation of the Kawaii Festival in Berlin on the 27th July. We've kept ourselves busy with organising our booth as well. We had to divert our attention from //TODO: today production to design a friendly sticker set and prepare art prints...

Devlog #26 - Post Release and the Near Future

Hey hey, after last week's impromptu post we're back with a proper devlog!

There's a lot of things to talk about this time, the most obvious being the release of the Defaction demo!
As you most likely noticed, we weren't able to keep our goal of releasing it on June 29th and had to delay the release until the 3rd of July.
As we already mentioned, the reason why we had to do this were a couple of game-breaking bugs that we discovered in the night we meant to release the game.
Aside from one, most of them were close to being edge cases but we still didn't feel comfortable releasing a game that could potentially end up in a situation where the player couldn't progress anymore.
And on the bright side, delaying the release a few days let us squeeze in some last minute playtesting which improved a few other aspects of the game further...

Devlog #25 - Working Towards the Demo Release

Hi there, we're working hard to finish up the Defaction demo for the release on Friday so this week's devlog is going to be relatively short.

There's one more announcement we have about something completely unrelated, but before we get to that, there are also some news that are maybe not as exciting but still noteworthy...

Devlog #24 - More Art and Exciting News!

Hey everyone!

We have two big announcements today. The first is that since last Thursday we are now an official company! There are some more management and paperwork things we have to do but it's still a big step forward.

The second announcement is that we finally have a release date for the Defaction demo!

It's been pushed back quite a bit to squeeze in some more improvements, but we have decided to release it on June 29th!
So it's just a little more than two weeks until you'll be able to play it...

Devlog #23 - GDD Recap and Demo Updates

Helloooo! We are back at the office! *:・゚✧

Working towards the German Dev Days and the actual exhibition days left us exhausted by the end of last week. But we returned with more experience, acquaintances and the general feeling of success! (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

Both of us have never been to the GDD before and only heard little about this convention in Frankfurt. (It's just the 3rd time it was held as well!) Nevertheless, we were greeted by a friendly and supportive community. Up-and-coming developer teams like us were provided with equipment by sponsors. They even had free beer in the afternoons!! And yes, that's so very German, but we decided to stay sober for our first exhibition and didn't take any. (*「・ω・)ン