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Devlog #22 - GDD Preparations and Demo News

Hi there!

This week's devlog will be a little shorter than usual because we're hard at work to finish the demo for the German Dev Days next week.

For the GDD we also got ourselves some nice business cards...

Devlog #21 - Convention(s), Backgrounds, and More Phone Functionality

Hellooo, there's some exciting news in this devlog so let's get started!

First off something big:

We are happy to announce that we will be exhibitors at the German Dev Days!
It's a fairly young convention that has only been held two times so far and after applying for an exhibitor spot with Defaction, we got the opportunity to showcase the demo of the game this May.

This is also the main reason why we had to prioritize Defaction for now, since we need the finished and polished demo for the event.
The convention takes place on May 23rd and May 24th and the demo we will show there is also the demo that we will release a few days later on itch.io...

Devlog #20 - Our New Office and First Defaction Insights

Hey, hi, it's been two weeks since we announced Defaction and today we will post the first devlog with our new structure and schedule!

Instead of just focusing on specific topics we will give some insights on what generally happened in the time between devlogs and each of us will also write about the individual things we've been working on.

So let's get started...

Defaction Announcement

Today we are happy to officially announce our next big Project: Defaction.

It is a narrative game about societal expectations and (not) fitting in, with a strong focus on its characters, their ideologies, and the choices the player makes to find their place somewhere between them.

The game takes place at a private university in the near future. This university is structured in a rather unusual way however.
The student body is split into two factions: the League and the Avantgarde.
Both have distinct characteristics and ideologies that differentiate them from each other and for multiple decades this system has worked without major incidents.
But around the time the Protagonist of Defaction, Coral, enrolls at this university, an anonymous group who wants to bring down the faction system emerges.
Thrown into this conflict, Coral now stands in front of the choice of which ideology they can identify with and which faction they want to support...

Devlog #19 - We're Back!

Hey hi, we're finally back!

We're sorry about the long radio silence but the last few months have been pretty busy for us.
As we already mentioned in the last status updates, we were occupied with our bachelor thesis and project. This meant that while we originally planned to work on //TODO: today on the side, the workload ultimately increased too much and since our graduation was on the line we had to pause development on //TODO: today. But now the semester finally came to a close and we are back on track to devote our time to our BL+ projects...