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A Day of Avril - Brassica April Fools Short Story


April Fools has been a few days ago, but this year we didn't plan a prank. Instead, we wanted to write another short story that ties into Brassica.

As these things tend to go with us, we underestimated how long writing it would take, so we've only just finished it this weekend. Primarily because it ended up being about four times as long as our Valentine's Short Story from 2019...

In any case, without further ado, here is "A Day of Avril," a short story focusing on a younger Prince Hans and a mischievous princess named Avril...

Devlog #49 - Brassica Update, EGOLOGIC + Future Plans!


A lot has happened since our last devlog in August, so to keep you up to date on what's been going on here at BL+ we just posted our second video devlog!

Just as last time you can find a transcript at the end of this post, and subtitles will be added to the video over the coming days.

Thanks for your interest in our projects, and without further ado, here's the devlog:

Devlog #48 - Our first video devlog, Brassica progress + new project!


Today we released our first video devlog with info about the current status here at BL+ and what we've been up to since our last written devlog. So without further ado, here it is...

Brassica Version 0.7.3 Release


Today we released a new version of Brassica that brings a few changes to the first two Acts.

Two weeks ago we first received a comment criticizing that parts of the story and the way Ode's character is presented reinforce harmful stereotypes of people of color. Because these kinds of negative representations are something we don't want to support or include in our games, we decided to rewrite large parts of the introduction scene and a few smaller sections that follow later in the story to better represent what Ode's character was intended to be like and to not reinforce harmful tropes...

Brassica Version 0.7.2 Release


Today we released a patch for Brassica - A Marry Tale that fixes a bug that was brought to our attention last week.

As outlined in our post about it, the bug redirected certain save files to the beginning of Act 2 and not to the point where they were originally saved.
With this new version of the game, that bug can no longer happen and we also updated the end of every Act so saving is a bit more streamlined and it's clearer when you've reached the end of the currently available content!

That said, we were unfortunately not able to retroactively fix the broken saves.

If your save file was affected by the bug, it still won't take you to the correct moment in the game (although it will now take you to the end of Act 1 instead of the beginning of Act 2). Unless you have an alternative save that works, your only options are to start over and skip to the point where you left off or load the broken save and continue from the end of Act 1.

Save files from version 0.7.1 that aren't affected by the bug, should work normally although they might take you to the beginning of a scene rather than the exact line where you saved...