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Devlog #37 - Act 3 Plans and More


Today we have another status update for you to let you know about our plans for Act 3 of Brassica and what else lies ahead in the near future.

As we previously mentioned, we'll be at the A MAZE. this week and are already pretty excited for that!
But because we're away that also means that the announcement of the results of the //TODO: today Bestest Cupcake Poll and what we had planned to make this more special has to wait until we're back again.

For a few months now, we had also been meaning to finish and release the //TODO: today Special Edition Zine and a small content update for the game that adds some final polish along with more artworks. Because it had been quite a while since the release of Act 1, we prioritized Brassica over that but now that Act 2 is released we decided to briefly go back to //TODO and tie up the last few loose ends before we focus on Brassica's Act 3 again...

Brassica - Act 2 Release


As you probably noticed, we ran into a bit of a delay again but we're happy to announce that the full Act 2 of Brassica is now released!

The most significant change in this update is the addition of a whole new part of the story with several branches and lots of opportunities to get to know the princes better~

Among minor changes are the fix of an issue where sprites were distorted while skipping through the game. However this is currently only fixed for Act 1 we'll release another update in the coming days where we'll also fix this for Act 2 but because we were already under time pressure, we prioritized getting the actual content done and didn't want to delay the release much more.

On top of that update, we'll also add some more music for more variety during travel scenes, which should also happen some time between now and the release of Act 3 (but probably in the nearer future).

There are also a few more CGs planned for Act 2 that we will add in a coming update but until then we hope just the sprite animations and the text will be enough for you to enjoy the story...

Devlog #36 - Act 2 Release Date

Hi there!

We're in the final stretch of production on Brassica's Act 2 and we're happy to announce that we finally have a release date for it.

Act 2 will be released on Friday March 29th, so it's just over a week now!

Among the addition of Act 2's remaining scenes, new artworks, and music, there will also be some minor tweaks to issues present in the game so far like some distortion in the sprites that happened when you skipped through the animations and other small improvements.
But we'll tell you more about all the changes when the update is live!

Because we are busy finishing up the new Act, we unfortunately don't have the time to write a proper devlog right now but we'll be back with some more development insights in two weeks...

Devlog #35 - Narrative Structure & Dynamic Personality

It's time for another devlog, this time about Brassica's narrative structure and the way you can influence the protagonist's, Saffron's, personality (and all the consequences this has).
PECTIN had to take a break from this devlog due to scheduling complications, but he'll be back with more character design insights next time!

Before we begin though, we just wanted to quickly announce that we'll be at the A MAZE. festival in Berlin in just over a month! This will be our first time attending such an event without also exhibiting one of our games so we're excited that this time around we'll get to see more of the event itself and meet lots of new people. So if you're there as well, feel free to say hi to us!

But on to the main part of this devlog...

Devlog #34 - Status Update, Character Design, and UI

Hello! It's time for another update on the development status of Brassica.

After working on separate projects for a while, we are now in the process of getting back on track working on the same game again.
Because of that we're happy to announce that the rest of Brassica's Act 2 will be released in March!

It grew a bit in size from what we originally planned but that just means more game for you~

The exact date will be announced when we can more clearly estimate how long the remaining tasks will take but we're in the process of finishing everything up so it shouldn't be too long.

As for Act 3, our current plan is to release it in April. From now on development should be a lot faster but because we mainly worked on it on the side until now, that is still only a rough estimate. We'll definitely keep you updated on any developments regarding the release dates though!

Well, and that's about it for the status update. Because it's been a while since our devlogs actually described much of our development process (and we haven't shared much about our thought processes behind Brassica), we decided to bring that back with today's devlog.

PECTIN will tell you a bit about Saffron and his design while eZombo describes the development of the UI.
So without further ado, here we go...