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Devlog #43 - Phoenix's Art Pt.1 - A Character? Right Away!

This week Pectin is back with a devlog on art again. SPOILER ALERT it's about a piece of asset from//TODO: today that is going to appear in an update in the future!ヾ(*’O’*)イ

Devlog #41 - A Colourful Journey

Hi! :D
Today PECTIN is back again with another devlog about the art of //TODO: today! It's about some subtle elements of the background which can be seen in the second half of the game.

If you haven't already played the second half beware of SPOILERS. If you aren't scared of spoilers or already played that part you can safely read on...

Devlog #39 - Teal's Art Pt.1 - A Dark Place

Hello lovely readers! (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

We've announced last week, we're back with our devlogs packed with insights into our work on //TODO: today! As it has been hinted back then, PECTIN will talk about a special artwork this week: The one he made, that Teal canonically made, which Teal sent to "Naughty Cat" in //TODO: today. :V

Keep on reading to learn more about Teal's artist mind and about a basic workflow PECTIN uses to paint.

Devlog #14 - Character Design Pt.4 - The Final One ft. Zen, Snow, Ms. Cardhover (& Suuj)

Hey hey hey! This week's devlog is a continuation of the Character Design series and also the last...
...featuring //TODO: today characters. I'm already thinking about doing this in a kind of a different manner for the future but let's not make any premature assumptions and promises I might not keep. (σ・з・)σ

If this is the last character design devlog part for our pretty //TODO: today crew - shouldn't it be special in some way? ....Actually, it is! Because this will be a triple-pack! It won't be three-times the length of the previous posts, and writing that would take me a moon cycle, but we'll take a closer look at three friends of Teal: Zen, Snow and Ms. Cardhover. To top it off, there will be a little extra on SuujiDenchi (not the ship) too!ヾ(○・ω・)ノ☆

Devlog #12 - Character Design Pt.3 – The Design Process of Joyce

Hiya! ゚✧ Put up your hands because you're going to catch the next Character Design devlog I throw at you!◝(°꒳°*)◜

This time it's aaaall about our cute and human approved AI Joyce! Similar to the prior devlog about Phoenix, I will tell you about the idea development of Joyce and the resulting visual design of them. Therefore I won't tell much about the manual work done in Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint. And here we go!