//TODO: today - Full Version Release

Hey there!

After our post about the delay on Friday, all of you probably noticed that we didn't manage to finish the full version of //TODO: today on the 29th as we announced.
The reason for that were some unexpected delays in the production of the remaining art assets and the testing and polish process of the second half.

In fact we've still been working on these things up until earlier today, but now we're finally done!

The full game is released and after a long 18 months since NaNoRenO 2017 ended, you're finally able to play through the whole game and get all the different endings!

We're excited to have finally released the second half and we hope you'll enjoy it too.

As always you can check out the full list of changes on our changelog although this time the list looks fairly underwhelming, since months of work are practically summed up with a single line...

But anyway!

We'll post another devlog on Wednesday about our plans for the future and to elaborate a bit on this release and any updates that will follow, so stay tuned for that!

As we've said many times before, thank you so much for being interested in our games and waiting patiently as we work on them.
Even if we didn't get around to reply to all comments recently we read them all and they mean a lot to us <3

Thanks for being so supportive throughout the whole development of //TODO: today and now finally, have fun with the game!

PECTIN + eZombo

The core team of BL+

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