EGOLOGIC - Updated Release Date


We recently announced that we would release EGOLOGIC on September 30th, but as that date is drawing near, we've realized that it would be best for the game to take an additional few days to finalize it.
Over the last few weeks we revised large parts of the story, and with that also expanded it quite a lot. This additional workload was not accounted for in our original schedule :(

So instead of rushing the last few assets and tasks to make the deadline, we decided to release it a week later on October 6th.

The game will be better for it, and we think that makes it worthwhile for both you and us.
Taking this delay into account, we also extended the launch sale by a week, so you'll be able to get the game at 13% off until October 13th!

Thanks for your patience and we hope you'll enjoy the game when it's ready!

PECTIN + eZombo

The core team of BL+