Defaction Announcement

Today we are happy to officially announce our next big Project: Defaction.

It is a narrative game about societal expectations and (not) fitting in, with a strong focus on its characters, their ideologies, and the choices the player makes to find their place somewhere between them.

The game takes place at a private university in the near future. This university is structured in a rather unusual way however.
The student body is split into two factions: the League and the Avantgarde.
Both have distinct characteristics and ideologies that differentiate them from each other and for multiple decades this system has worked without major incidents.
But around the time the Protagonist of Defaction, Coral, enrolls at this university, an anonymous group who wants to bring down the faction system emerges.
Thrown into this conflict, Coral now stands in front of the choice of which ideology they can identify with and which faction they want to support.

At its core, Defaction is strongly inspired by visual novels. Dialogue and interactions with other characters play a central role but in addition to that there are some other ways to interact with the world and its characters.

One of the most important ones is Coral's phone.
With group chats and direct messages, another layer of communication is present at virtually any point in the game's story.
Throughout the game the phone can also be used to access the university's map to move between locations, to access in-game websites, and for other utility functions like an image gallery or settings.

At certain times it is also possible to move freely on the campus, talk to NPCs, and explore environments.

The main cast of Defaction consists of 12 characters (including Coral) that are split between the factions. Depending on which group you decide to join, you will be in contact with different characters, stand in front of different conflicts, and potentially find a different way to solve them.
To see the big picture of the core conflict and to find out the truth about what caused it, looking at it from different angles is important and the different routes of the game support this idea.

Oh, and there's a character creator~

We first began developing the concept for Defaction last summer. In October 2017 we started further defining story and gameplay and since then also worked on a prototype that we will further develop into a more polished demo.
We will release this demo over the coming months and while we don't have a clear release date for the full game yet, we are aiming for a late 2018 to early 2019 release.

As mentioned in our last devlog, from now on we will also post more regularly about our development progress again and while the format of our devlogs changes a little, we are happy to finally bring them back!
We hope you are as excited about Defaction as we are and we're looking forward to share our journey until its completion!

(Also, if you haven't already, feel free to check out the website for the game)


Writer/Programmer/UI guy at Boys Laugh +