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Devlog #43 - Phoenix's Art Pt.1 - A Character? Right Away!

This week Pectin is back with a devlog on art again. SPOILER ALERT it's about a piece of asset from//TODO: today that is going to appear in an update in the future!ヾ(*’O’*)イ

Devlog #42 - Status Update & Music Planning

Hi there!

After taking a break last week for the Defaction announcement, we're back with a regular devlog.

But before we get to the "dev" part, there are a few adjustments to our previously announced schedule that we'd like to talk about first.

As you might have noticed by some missed and late posts, June was a bit more turbulent for us than we anticipated and both PECTIN and I got held up by some work that we couldn't account for in our original plan. And as a result our whole schedule got pushed back by pretty much a whole month...

Defaction Development Pause


It's been quite a while since our last update on Defaction's development so we finally wanted to let you know about the status of the project.

The long and the short of it is that development of the full game is on hold indefinitely. We have been going back and forth on this decision over the last few months but realistically, we don't see a way around it right now.

We still really like the initial concept of the game and are proud of everything we developed for it so far, but its scope would mean at least a year of full-time development and we unfortunately can't commit to this at the moment.
Aside from the time investment there is also the financial aspect of sustaining ourselves during the project of course.
The main issue however is that the concept of the full game and the prologue itself were created under circumstances that took away a lot of the excitement we initially had for the game and we still can't completely disconnect that from the project...

Devlog #41 - A Colourful Journey

Hi! :D
Today PECTIN is back again with another devlog about the art of //TODO: today! It's about some subtle elements of the background which can be seen in the second half of the game.

If you haven't already played the second half beware of SPOILERS. If you aren't scared of spoilers or already played that part you can safely read on...

Devlog #40 - Writing Structure In Detail

This week it's my turn again to write a devlog and because most of the work I'm doing right now isn't really ready to be put into a devlog just yet, I decided to go into a bit more detail on the writing in //TODO: today in terms of its structure and branching.

But before we get to that, as you might have noticed we weren't able to keep up with the posting schedule of the remaining poll answers. Due to other responsibilities we have to take care of, we ran into a few delays so we'll only be able to post one answer per week. So even if it will take a bit longer now, you'll definitely see them all!

And now back to writing!

If you were already reading our devlogs back in 2017, this might sound familiar but there is a lot I couldn't write about yet back then. Now that the game is out and pretty much complete though, it's finally time for an addition to the second devlog we ever posted...